Herb Wall Garden – Inspiration

One project I am super excited about is my Wall Herb Garden. There’s so much wall space for me to fill up in the Dining Room, I’ve finally decided on my official spot for where these little guys can grow.

Now, I just have to figure out what I want it to look like! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, and I’ve dwindled it down to 5 concepts.

(source unknown)

This first concept uses an old ladder and some ikea planters. I really like this, I feel like I could use old ladders in every room of my house! I love the height that it adds and the old vintage charm.


This one is my personal favorite. Maybe it’s just the labelling that I love, but I think it is so pretty! This would definitely be a huge focal piece in the dining room.


Right now, most of my herbs are just hanging out in mason jars on my kitchen window sill. I love using mason jars and I love that the concept is just simple and clean.


Using anything from Ikea is always my first thought because I just love Ikea so much! Here they have the Fintorp system displayed in different planter sizes on the wall. To add a little more visual interest and rustic charm, I’d like to attach the rails to a reclaimed plank and then to the wall.

While browsing the Ikea website, I also ran across the Bekvam system, which I think would work as well! The rack comes in an unfinished wood that can be easily painted or stained. From there, you could use mason jars or small pots for the plants.

(source unknown)

This last idea is really beautiful with the reclaimed wood used and probably can be substituted with mason jars as well!

One thing I also have to consider is “how animal proof is this?” because I know that when it comes to having any plants in the house, the cats are going to try to get near them and eat them! Anytime I bring home new house plants, I always refer to this list to ensure they are safe for my furry babies. 🙂

I’m pretty keen on the pallet planter and my boyfriend is particularly fond of the ladder concept. Which wall garden is your favorite?


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