July Antique Finds


Hey there!

We’re officially in our new apartment & things are chaotic! We’ve been moving in smaller portions since the first, & we are officially exhausted.

We still have quite a few boxes to unpack, but almost all rooms are painted & slowly coming together.

Luckily, we haven’t been too busy to head down to my favorite antiques shop for their event every month on the 15th, Antiques of Winfield. I can never leave there without spending way more money than I should. Take a look at some of my finds below!

In first photo, I found this old plant stand. I love having plants in the house, but with two cats it’s hard to keep them alive & also off the floor! Next to it, I was so excited to find this huge, old shutter. At first I thought maybe I could hang it horizontally, & I even purchased this metal piece that I was going to install on the front of it. While I was contemplating where the right space would be, I leaned it up against the wall next to my sofas & decided I really like it there displayed in the second picture.

I’m always picking up random jars & white ceramic pieces. I love using them for displays & sometimes they work out in a more practical way, like this clear jar I found to keep my k-cups fresh.


These are old cabinet doors! They had these horrible 70’s floral curtains hanging in between the panels. Luckily they were easily removable. For now they sit on my dining room floor until I can figure out what exactly I want to do with them.

Lastly, some additions to the long main hallway. More frames! This hallway is so long I need probably something like 25 frames for my gallery wall to not look so dinky. It’s slowly coming together! To the left, some shutter-esque candle holders. I added two of these jasmine bouquet candles from Target & they’re perfect.

Well that’s it for now! What are your favorite vintage finds?





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