Planned Projects

Hey, friends!

It’s still about two weeks until we finally get the keys to our new apartment. I’ve been putting together plans (that I’m sure will end up changing a little once the time finally comes) & jotting down idea’s.

So with that, a little tour!

First stepping into the house, you have a somewhat small foyer. Check out the gorgeous rounded archway! That leads to the living room/sunroom. In the opposite direction, you have a long hall, leading to the dining room. In the middle of which appears to be some sort of UFO? What is up with that light fixture!?

Foyer/Hallway – Projects:

  • A nice coat of paint.
  • Replace the light fixture.
  • DIY Board & batten coat hook.
  • Shoe cabinet.
  • (Hallway) Gallery wall.
  • (Hallway Replace fixture.

Let’s take a look at the living room. Well, actually, there are no pictures of the living room. 😦 But, imagine just a basic square room, it’s really nothing special, but actually pretty large! Off the living room is my favorite part of the house, the sunroom! It’s surrounded by these huge windows that let in so much natural light.

Living Room/Sunroom – Projects:

  • (Living Room) DIY Ottoman.
  • (Living Room) Accent chair.
  • (Living Room) Up-cycle coffee table & accent tables.
  • (Living Room) Area rug.
  • (Living Room) Faux built-in entertainment center.
  • (Sunroom) Replace the light fixture.
  • (Sunroom) DIY corner desk.
  • (Sunroom) Up-cycle filing cabinet.
  • Paint in both rooms.

Now, down the hallway, the first door on the right is our master bedroom. It’s definitely the largest bedroom I’ve ever had in a Chicago apartment. There’s a small, pretty standard for Chicago closet, & a half bath attached. The closet is an odd shape, I’ll have to get pretty creative in there to maximize the space.

Master Bedroom/Master Bathroom – Projects:

  • Closet reorganization.
  • Refurbished side tables.
  • DIY bench (end of bed).
  • Paint for both the bathroom & the bedroom.
  • DIY floating shelves.

Across the hall is the first of two spare bedrooms. We’re going to turn this room into a guest bedroom, since I have family stay with me, it’ll be good to have a spare bed. Unfortunately, there is no linen closet in the entire apartment! So the closet in this room will have to double as a home for all our linens.

Spare Bedroom 1 – Projects:

  • Up-cycle display cabinet.
  • Closet reorganization.
  • Bed frame/mattress/linens.

At the end of the hall is a second spare bedroom, this one is slightly smaller than the other. And there’s no closet door? Weird. My boyfriend has a pretty substantial vinyl collection, so we’re actually going to be turning this room into a music lounge for him & his friends.

Spare Bedroom 2 – Projects:

  • Faux wall finish.
  • DIY pipe shelving unit.
  • Accent chair & ottoman.
  • Darker shade of paint.

Right before we reach the dining room, there’s a bathroom. If you look at the odd shape of the wall the vanity is on, directly behind that is actually the sink in the other bathroom. It’s pretty obvious that this unit had just one bathroom, & they remodeled it & split it in two. Not sure how I feel about it because now we only have a stand up shower & no tub!

Hall Bathroom – Projects:

  • Remove shower doors.
  • DIY bathroom mirror.
  • DIY pipe shelving.
  • Rustic towel hooks.

The hall leads into the formal dining room, which I am most excited about! I have been wanting a formal dining room for so long, but have never actually had one in all of my 4, 5, 6 apartments! (Yeah, I’ve moved a lot!) I love to cook & entertain, & I am envisioning all our dinner parties we can have here now. 🙂

Dining Room – Projects:

  • DIY farmhouse table/up-cycle.
  • Frosted privacy windows.
  • Refurbished buffet table.
  • DIY hook & loop sheer drapes.
  • A nice light gray paint job!

And the heart of the home, the kitchen. It’s been recently renovated as you can see, but I’m not a fan of the standard orangish-oak veneer. I desperately wish I could paint them white, but as we still rent, I’ll have to keep down the urge to whip out the paint bucket. I’d also like to point out to this kitchen has a dishwasher! Another rarity that actually my boyfriend is pretty enthralled about.

Kitchen – Projects:

  • Coat of paint.
  • DIY chalk board/wall paint.
  • Wire basket wall display.

Lastly, at the very back of the house & out of the kitchen door is a storage room. Unfortunately that window on the left is the dining room window, which means the dining room will have a wonderful view of all of a Christmas decorations. Since there’s not a lot of natural light reaching the inside of the house, I was hoping to brighten this room up at least to give it that feel.

Storage Room – Projects:

  • White paint.
  • Tons of metal shelving units.

So I have a pretty extensive list, & we’re hoping to have it put together in order to have a housewarming party with family & friends in October. I’m sure that there will be a lot of changes & additions, but for now, this is the generally idea. We’ll see!

– Hannah


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