Hey there!

In just 17 days (but who’s counting?) we’ll be moving into our beautiful new apartment. We’ll be going from a barely 1 bedroom (really, iat just fits my mattress, not even with my bedframe!) apartment, to 3 bedrooms, a huge living room & sunroom, a master suite, & (what I’m most excited about) a formal dining room.

With the furniture we currently have, plus the few things we’ve kept in storage, we’ll be greatly under furnished. Since we live in such a high-cost city, I have to commit to a smaller budget. This means lots of thrifty finds & DIY’s! I’ve been scouring the internet for tips & tricks to make our new apartment a home, while staying within the limitations of renting of course. My Pintrest is just about bursting at the seams with ideas! There are so many blogs that inspire me to create. After a really long time of going back & forth with my boyfriend about whether I could do the same, I’ve decided I’m going to jump on the blogging bandwagon & give it a try!

Like so many others, a lot of my inspiration comes from “Before’s & After’s”. That’s usually where my mind says something like, “wow, if they could make THAT look like THIS, then you totally could do that, too!” So hopefully, however long it takes, my Before’s will become beautiful After’s that inspire others just like I have been.

I’m so excited to start sharing my journey with you!



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